Accepting Bitcoin-and only Bitcoin-allows us to streamline your order! By eliminating all shitcoins (including the fiat variety), we're able to provide a unified and streamlined checkout experience! Send a thrill up your leg every time you order your favorite bourbon or shark-coochie board.


Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as "volatile". In reality, Bitcoin itself is quite stable. The money supply increases as expected, hour by hour, never to exceed 21 million bitcoins.

The USD is extremely volatile. Its total supply is determined arbitrarily by political whim!

Bitcoin provides the SOUNDEST monetary system with the most security. The governance system of Bitcoin is LEAST LIKELY to up-and-change things without careful consideration.

Bitcoin is the place we've decided to place our trust! We want to use a system that can be trusted.


Many people blame Bitcoin for being slow. It's true, the base layer of Bitcoin has a terrible user experience! But keep in mind that we should be comparing Bitcoin with other global settlement systems such as FedWire, SEPA, or international gold settlement between banks.

From a merchant's perspective, you CANNOT accept payment UNTIL a customer's transaction has been buried deep in the Bitcoin blockchain (RECOMMENDED 2 blocks). So customers are frustrated as they wait for their transaction to go through, and merchants are hesitant to finalize a sale until the transaction is mined!  (This is because the transaction could be double-spent!)

That's where Lightning Network comes in. Lightning Network allows us to have instant and cheap transactions! But here's the trade-off: with Lightning Network, we get near-instant transaction settlement, but we have to run a server that's always online! Bummer. But that's life. Trade-off's exist.

Workflow Management

Using BTC Pay Server for our cart/ordering system allowed us to quickly start accepting Bitcoin. BTCPay gives us an invoicing system for customers and suppliers. We try to keep our working capital in Lightning channels and reserve on-chain payments for larger transactions (in satoshi terms).