Satoshi Spirits is a proof-of-concept Bitcoin-native website that emulates a classy Bourbon/liquor bar.

What is Bitcoin Native? It means we accept Bitcoin—and only Bitcoin—and our website is built around a bitcoin-native payment flow. Bitcoin native websites are unadulterated by shitcoins.

A shitcoin is any monetary good that is NOT bitcoin, for example, Litecoin, Ether, USD, Euro, gold, tally sticks, shells, cigarettes, etc.

This demo website allows anyone to submit an order using Bitcoin/Lightning network. We use BTCPay Server to host the menu and perform invoicing/checkout. We're keeping a close eye on the BTCPay Server project moving forward.

Both customers AND serving staff use the website to purchase items from the menu.

Point of Sale

Any Internet-connected device with a modern browser can become a Point of Sale machine when you're using Bitcoin in conjunction with BTCPay Server!

Serving staff can simply carry an old smart phone around in their pocket to take customer orders. No special point-of-sale machine or proprietary chip-card reader required! All you have is an old iPad? It should work fine! Need something more convenient? Use a smartphone. Want to allow the serving staff to use their own smartphone? Easy.

Your website becomes your payment processor & authoritative menu.

Order Flow

Of course, the best option is for the customer to simply use their own smartphone and order from the menu directly. Customers can visit the store's website in their browser either by manually typing in the domain name, or perhaps by scanning a nearby QR code. In any case, your goal is to get your customer to your homepage.

Once the customer has selected their items and paid via the Lightning Network, order fulfillment [out-of-scope] takes over. Typically this means that serving staff takes a job off the queue and delivers the customer's order. Keep in mind that BTCPay Server is capable of integrating with your existing order fulfillment software.

Visit our example Menu and try it out for yourself!

Some restaurants with complex menus may prefer that serving staff take customer orders. That's fine. After the server has updated the order, they present a QR code to the customer so it can be scanned and paid through the Lightning Network. Alternatively, Lightning invoices may also be printed out and given to the customer to be paid at the customers convenience. Of course you will want to ensure the invoice has been paid prior to them leaving the store! Personally, we prefer to be paid prior to order fulfillment. This minimizes waste, fraud, and abuse.

Tip your Waitress!

All tips collected through regular purchases contribute to the tip general fund, which is paid out daily in accordance with defined company policy. If any customers want to tip a specific individual, they can simply click Tip Someone on our top menu. All serving staff are listed and you can tip them individually for a job well done!

Current Limitations

We need a way for customers to select which table they're seated at so servers know where to deliver drinks. We are actively researching how to fix this hole! Shouldn't be too hard! We're hoping the BTCPay Server project can take care of this issue.

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